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Seminars & Keynotes for Conferences and Offsites

A proven seminar presenter Shawn delivers innovative engaging and inspiring talks. Shawn has worked with teams and individuals in complex work environments for over 25 years. Shawn has a passion for well being, resilience, mindfulness, emotionally intelligent leadership. Audiences find him knowledgeable, authentic and inspirational combining an evidence base with ancedotes. Shawn has not only read it, studied it, he has lived it which allows audiences to relate content to their professional and personal lives.

Positive Intent

Audiences are left with positive energy and intent that they are capable of overriding blocks and limits. Empowering and affirming are words that describe the feeling people are left with. 


Clients find Shawn's content easily understandable and simple to deploy. It allows people to feel they can try techniques without the fear of failure. he offers a deep understanding of how emotions effect our body and how we easily misinterpret them. This frees us from the shackles of fear and self doubt.


Shawn engages the audience through personal anecdotes and authenticity The content swtiches from evidence to story keeping audiences engaged waiting for the next key bit of information. 

Evidence Based

Shawn as a registered Psychologist and Mathematics degree holder loves to back his models with evidence. Shawn also provides experiential proof for audience members in understanding how their brain can block your performance without you realising it!.


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