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Workshop Programs


Proven Workshops 


The below workshops are proven program having been delivered on corporate learning calendars. Each workshop can be customised to each clients specific needs. Specific methodologies and company language can be incorporated to ensure a consistent message.


Positive Intelligence can provide all equipment for off-site programs. We are flexible with our clients and will modify timing and content to meet client requirements.


Shawn Price is a very experienced facilitator and speaker and is adept at delivering an authentic, engaging and transformative training day.


Customisable Programs

Master Emotions


Experiential seminars/training to introduce the Emotional Intelligence (EI) concepts to your staff.  Ideal for for all staff and will deliver numerous light bulb moments in self management.  Attendees will experience the concepts of EI. The evidence is compelling that EI is the leading predictor of workplace performance. 


The benefits for organisations include;


  • 30% productivity gains, 

  • better relationships, 

  • less sick leave, 

  • better decision making, 

  • less staff turnover, 

  • greater well-being and less conflict.


We have a series of effectiveness workshops focused on Productivity, Customer Service and Sales.  These workshops are hugely successful, evidence based and completely engaging for staff who attend.

Team Building


This is an outstanding way to help form a high functioning team. This program allows the team to explore how they function, what their strengths are and improves communication amongst team members. The session creates a real buzz and allows a team to draw practical actions they can take to improve overall and individual productivity.


The outcome for your team would include a common dialogue amongst your staff and respectful awareness of each other personality styles. It means staff and leaders can be held accountable for their own motivation and interactions. 


The assessment provided as part of the team building provides management and staff outstanding data to use as another objective device to assess task-to-employee alignment. Also the data can be used to resolve workplace issues and specialist interventions as required.


The data will aid in the leadership team being able to provide the right motivational conditions for employees. Also management staff can clearly define methods to communicate with motivational insight for each staff member of different motivational needs.



This workshop is an outstanding combination of personality assessment and emotional intelligence that delivers on its key objectives. Participants walk out with an experience they will not forget and skills in managing themselves and others for performance.


Leadership Program Objectives

  • Manage self motivation and mood

  • Improve Staff engagement scores

  • Personal Brand and Presence

  • Build productive and effective workplace relationships

  • Effective influencing across the enterprise

  • Manage own work performance


The Actualised Leadership program is designed to meet the above objectives via the full diagnostic of the leaders style. The assessment forces participants to step outside themselves and take a good look at their own self management and work performance.  The focus is on the importance of purpose, branding and presence and its impact to staff. The workshop aims to help a leader drive to self actualised management behaviours. That they can manage and communicate to staff of all personality types.  That leaders can have tough conversations using emotional intelligence to resolve issues. That leaders can communicate and influence across the organisational setting.



The workshop uses multiple assessment methods and allows employees to examine all factors that effect their work performance. The Birkman Method Assessment is an in depth detailed report specially design for building on the strengths of your people. 


People boost their confidence and renew their motivation for work through attending this session. With confidence in their strengths and clear purpose staff are able achieve more. The program has an evidence base in positive psychology and leads to improved retainment, and more productivity.


Excellent to use as a precursor to performance reviews. The session allows staff to examine their strengths and development options and be ready for a performance review.

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