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Coaching Programs

We offer diagnostic benchmarking and challenge leaders to deploy better day to day interactions.  We offer education in leadership techniques, reviews of existing processes and recommendations for goal setting and strategy formulation.  Being a registered Psychologist as well, our coaching can provide outstanding support and evidence based techniques to support your leaders through behavioural change.


Our Coaching is focused on a personal vision, philosophical awareness and personal growth. The aim is for a person to assert themselves through a lens that promotes a daily sense of well being, success and purpose. These days you can get so focused on the day to day hassles, your ability to be emotionally intelligent can be lost.  Shawn Price is one of Australia's leading experts in coaching and training delivery of Emotional Intelligence. 

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3 Meeting 

Coaching Programs

3 Meeting Coaching Program -This program includes full MSCEIT assessment and Birkman assessment and is mainly focused on self awareness and rapid strategy formulation.  Result allows the candidate to begin deployment of more effective self management and  interpersonal strategies.


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Small Leadership

Team Coaching

Small leadership team coaching has proven very effective for management teams. This program combines individual sessions and group coaching sessions. Aimed at management teams of 3 to 6 who set strategy, manage staff and deliver operational programs. The programs builds communication, common purpose and avoids personalisation and petty issues and resentments that can destroy organisational performance. There is no stone left unturned in this program and it takes a willing actualised team to do it!

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6 Meeting 

Coaching Programs

6 Meeting Coaching Program - Includes assessment stage as above but allows for sustained behavioural coaching. The 6 meeting program allows for more specific case resolutions, and practical applied skill transfer.

12 Meeting 

Coaching Program

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 Includes assessment stage as above but allow for sustained behavioural coaching. The 12 meeting program allows for more specific case resolutions, and practical applied skill transfer. The 12 meeting program provides ongoing support and ensures the candidate has every opportunity for behavioural change.


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