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Shawn Price is a registered psychologist and one of Australia's leading experts coaching, career transitioning, and delivery of Emotional Intelligence workshops. Shawn and his team of qualified coaches will work with you to develop your personal awareness, clarify your strengths, effective behaviours and needs - enabling a shift in perspective and creating space to reveal a new range of positive choices.


Our team will take you through detailed diagnostic benchmarking, using the Birkman Method*, a proven methodology that integrates behavioural and motivational aspects of your personality, helping you reach greater performance levels. 


This insight is teamed with education in effective goal setting techniques, strategies to expand your personal awareness, and tools for removing self-imposed limiting beliefs.  


If you're feeling stuck or unsure of what pathway forward would suit you best, give our team a call and let them steer you in the right direction.

3-Meeting Coaching Program 


This program includes completing an online Birkman assessment with a debrief of your report of results, and is mainly focused on building your self-awareness with rapid strategy formulation for achieving your goals.


The information provided to you will provide you both relational and occupational insights. This in turn will help you understand your motivational needs, and alignment to various future role types. Your coach will discuss with you in detail the insights your assessment reveals.


Your coach will use these results to tailor the right approach, and provide you with the tools you require to begin applying more effective self-management and interpersonal strategies for positive behavioural change.


This program is designed to energise individuals with a clear purpose. The program helps people set goals and plan for a rewarding career.  This program quickly and effectively delivers on a core fundamental of motivation theory. 


The 3-Meeting Program 

Designed by our registered psychologist Shawn Price is a evidence based and proven program using the unsurpassed Birkman Method.


Step 1 

Attend a structured interview where the consultant gathers key data on your career history and major influences. At the end of the meeting further assessments are required to be completed before the next meeting. These assessments 

In between Step1 and Step 2 you are sent a link to complete the scientifically valid Birkman Method  Assessment. The Birkman Method is an in-depth analysis which considers your needs as well as motivators and stress behaviours. Based on the input of over 3 million people who have completed the Assessment, it can help you to identify work settings or styles that will meet your needs, keep you motivated and reduce stress.


Step 2

In the second session the consultant will interpret all the results including The Birkman, the Career Manual and discuss the results with you – this interpretation of the results is a valuable part of the process,but not everything. This session runs for 1-2 hours  and is a comprehensive analysis of what makes you tick. This session delivers amazing insight that allows you to identify key drivers that will naturally motivate and excite you.


Step 3

A key session that brings it altogether. Its great to have lots of test results, but you need a practical plan that is achievable and consistent with your results. We have developed a unique method of delivering this session that really allows clients to take action and move towards an outstanding strategy that inspires them with purpose and passion.


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6-Meeting Coaching Program 

This program includes the online assessment, detailed assessment debrief, as well as the tools offered the 3-Meeting Coaching Program, and additionally, this program allows for sustained behavioural coaching.

This 6-meeting program allows for more specific case resolutions, and practical applied skill transfer.

The Birkman Method is a multi-faceted assessment tool revealing three key perspectives of every person:


·      Motivation,

·      Self-Perception, and

·      Social Perception


What you're really receiving here is the insights of three detailed personality assessments in one!


By understanding the above perceptions and how they influence each other, individuals can then better understand the emotions and actions that characterise their lives. Knowing and understanding these perceptions are key to finding the right career path. This knowledge will help you in:


·      Finding roles that are satisfying and avoiding tasks that are draining

·      Understand what actions you need to take that you feel you make a difference

·      Learning how to anticipate your reaction to new or changing situations in your life, and how to avoid moving into stressed behaviour scenarios


The sophisticated Birkman questionnaire and Birkman reports have been in use for over 65 years, and completed by over 50 million respondents, making it an assessment tool which draws on deep aggregated global data comparisons, which in turn produces highly insightful results.



Career Coaching Programs

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