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Psychological Assessments


With registration in Psychology Positive Intelligence uses a wide range of Psychological assessments. Below are two of our choice tests that provide outstanding perspectives for use in all domians of life and work. We have benchmarks used for Recruitment profiling and for career decsions, emotional regualtion, leadership performance.  


The Birkman Method

Emotional Intelligence - MSCEIT

The Birkman Method delivers amazing insight to your hidden motivational needs, communication and behavioural styles.  The Birkman is an outstanding test that provides detailed reports over and above its competitors. 


Key outcomes from how your specific profile compares to 50 years of global research in personality and interests include;


1) Detailed understanding of motivational needs.

2) Profile of communication styles.

2) Clear understanding of strength behaviour.

3) Data on your key interest areas.


From your results we can determine ideal work environments, behavioural and communication style preferences, ideal task demands, core hobbies all things that impact your well-being.


The Birkman can be and has been life changing for individuals and work place teams who go through it. Highly strength focused and validating report that helps people make key life decsions about relationships, work choices, hobbies and overall life plans.


Reports are comprehensive ranging from a 33 page in depth standard report to 60 page executive level reports that can be diagnostically compared to partners, other team members, direct reports for improved work cohesion. Most other tools lack the detail the Birkman Method can provide. 


Birkman can be used for;

  • Key Life Decisions

  • Leadership Self Awareness

  • Recruitment Profiling

  • Career Choices

  • Team Building

  • Self Awareness


From 15 years experience and in our opinion, Birkman provides at least ten times more insight than popular tests such as MBTI, DISC, OCI, HBDI. 

The Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)  used by Positive Intelligence is based on the 4 branch model from the founders of Emotional Intelligence (EI), Jack Mayer and Peter Salovey. 


This test is an ability test estimating your ability to think and reason with emotions, a key ingredient of workplace success and life long well being. The test gives a measure of EI ability across the 4 branches of emotions, Read, Use, Understand and Manage Emotions.  The results of MSCEIT testing serve as a basis for coaching programs, leadership development, workshops and recruitment programs.


MSCEIT is the only ability measure of Emotional Intelligence similar to an IQ test. Testing your ability to think and reason with emotional information. 


The evidence is clear on improving emotional intelligence has benefits in all domains of life.


Test results provide an understanding of;


  • Reading other people's emotional state.

  • Shifting your emotional state.

  • Predicting the effect of what you do or say on another person.

  • How well you regulate and stay open to the feedback your emotional system provides.


The application of this test is again in many domains of life but particularly relevant for anyone who manages or interacts with people as a core part of their job.


Our coaching programs and workshops are based always in improving emotional regulation using this evidence based model from Yale University.


Download the Business case for Emotional Intelligence



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